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How Communal Tables Could Give Your Company Culture a Much-Needed Boost

Over the last three years, we’ve seen more coworking offices pop up across the globe. The number of coworking members surpass half a million. So why do individuals love coworking spaces so much? Reduced overhead and paid-for amenities are nice, but research shows that community and a sense of belonging are among the strongest motivations. A global study revealed that almost 80% of members happily work in a large open-office plan, while 70% state they prefer connection over anonymity in their space.

This same emphasis on fostering connections and a relationship-based company culture has been adopted by more private companies, causing management to completely rethink the way employees socialize in an open office design.

The result? Enter the large communal table.

In an attempt to bring employees closer together, offices are ditching private desks and two-seater lounge tables in favor of one large group seating area.


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