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These Traditional Chairs Get a Makeover for Collaborative Offices

Collaboration chairs available by Strong Project

Some commercial offices are choosing to forego the single large conference room in favor of smaller collaborative work spaces. These spaces often take the shape of mini-conference areas, “quiet project” rooms, and touchdown areas for training or brainstorming.

And instead of large cumbersome tables and stodgy chairs, the hottest piece of collaboration furniture is a nostalgic take on the golden year school desk: multi-purpose chairs with swivel writing tablets and storage functionality.

Collaboration Furniture available from StrongProject

These multi-purpose chairs have been specifically designed to support collaborative work and tasks. Select the number of chairs you need for your space, knowing they’ll take up less real estate and offer more flexibility to arrange them as you like.

Choose a multipurpose chair that offers comfort and ergonomics, proportions that will fit any size employee and a wrap around back or tall back for ultimate comfort in those longer meetings.

Collaborative multipurpose office chairs from StrongProject

These “educational” chairs are offered with two-tone upholstery, dozens of color options to match your office, independent seat swivel action, soft pad seating and even two types of wheel castors depending on your flooring needs. Add a swivel writing tablet, wrap around table, optional cup holder or bag hook and you have the perfect moveable work space.

multipurpose office chair from StrongProject office design

Here are several ideas on how to use these sleek modern collaborative desks in your office:

  • Arrange a group of six to eight in a smaller conference room for department meetings or brainstorming days.
  • Use these as “work and go” options for commuter employees or contractors so they have a comfortable space to sit for the day.
  • Offer a large group of these multipurpose chairs in a circle or front-room facing lines for training, testing, and employee professional development days.
  • Host a “hackathon” in a touchdown space with these chairs.
  • For medical offices or healthcare institutions, these furniture pieces make the perfect addition to a space adjacent to reception, where new clients or patients need to fill out paperwork in a private area.
  • For small conferences or workshops, these chairs are the perfect fit for audience members who need to take notes. And you won’t have to worry about table breakdown or chair folding afterward.

For more ideas on how to integrate modern chairs with your collaborative office design, check out our Design Your Office tool.

collaborative chairs

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