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Upscale, Elegant Office Design Tips For Your Professional Services Firm

LuxuryOffice Furniture for Professional Services Firms

If you own a law firm, financial services agency, business consultancy, or another professional services company that serves a specific clientele, you may feel frustrated with the recent trends in start-up and “young” office design: Ping pong tables? Floor-to-floor slides and pet parks? Swings in conference rooms? Bleacher-esque seating in a lobby?

What happened to grown-up offices?

Take heart. It’s still possible to have a modern office design that is also elegant and reflecting your innovative brand. Create a world-class experience for your clients, guests, and stakeholders with these tips.

Keep it light.

White or gray palettes suggest a clean, transparent operation and a “white glove” treatment of its guests. Add a pop of color that complements your brand colors and style.

Go minimalist.

Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean ornate. Choose an office desk that is made by the best craftsmen and women in the world. Look for clean lines and seamless tech integration. And forgo the florescent lighting of yesteryear in favor of elegant centerpiece chandeliers or recessed lighting.

Make impressions count.

The reception area is where all your brand promises are made. From the moment your guest enters the door, they immediately receive sensory information that conveys a specific tone and expectation of how they will be treated beyond the entry. Will you seat your guests on low, midcentury-inspired couches or high-back acoustic chairs? Is there a touch of greenery or art?

Think in lines and shapes.

You don’t have to choose outrageous furniture to start conversations, but you can choose striking lines or bold geometric shapes to feel modern and on the edge. Whether it’s a giant round table in the conference room instead of the usual “head” and “foot” rectangular table, an arched doorway, or collaborative table cut out to fit five people comfortably, your office possesses a world of aesthetic possibility.

Invest in quality.

If you want to convey your professional services will be around for the next decade, you should invest in furniture that’s also built to last and feels timeless. Look for modern furniture that is offered from multi-generational family suppliers, or craftsman at the top of their trade and at the forefront of their industry. Good office furniture will often have the story of the maker behind the piece.



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