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4 Uniquely So Cal Ways to Design Your Office

Want a refreshing idea for your new office? It doesn’t get more fresh than sunny SoCal, where offices utilize what’s organically and culturally around them to create remarkable modern work spaces. Here are four ways to renovate your contemporary office design while channeling California for a highly enjoyable 9-to-5 experience:

item-32426LHere Comes the Sun

Harness natural light with windows, skylights, and open office layouts. Southern California experiences an average of 270 sunny days a year, and that Vitamin D is a great mood booster for your team. Even if you’re trapped in the basement of a corporate high-rise, it’s time to rethink those florescent lights and go with beautiful interior lighting such as contemporary chandeliers. Do you have an open office? Purchase modular workstations in bright colors such as yellow and orange for a cheery pick-me-up.

Everybody’s Gone Surfing

Companies are now bringing in ping pong tables, dart boards, stationary bikes and putting greens for their employee lounges. But what about complementing your beach-loving teams? A surf rack for employees’ boards, and vintage boards, posters, and gear pays homage to one of California’s greatest outdoor traditions. Make a unique statement that’s also relaxed and fun.

Knock On Wood

Natural wood grain floors, bar tops and wood executive desks echo Mother Nature’s greatest gift to California (aside from the coast). When thinking of integrating wood designs in your office, think of using the unexpected such as a single wall, or a partial room divider of weather beach wood stacks in addition to your desks and bar height conference tables. Don’t be afraid to mix types, grains, and stains as well as long as the office is tied together through shape and structural design. There’s stylishly mismatched…and then there’s “Grandpa’s Woodshed Boho.” Choose the former.

130607_StrongProject_Spark_final_web_08California Dreamin’

If there is one thing SoCal is known for, it’s our love of color. After all, we are a vibrant state. Let your inner child come out and color the walls, chairs, desks and ottomans with a pop of orange, lime green, sea blue or rich purple. Use modular desk screens in a way that encourages privacy and vibrancy. And lawyers, accountants, advisors, and consultants? We’re looking at you. Escape the safe neutrals and pick two shades in the same color palette for an easy boost to the business environment. Your employees will thank you!




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