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4 Ways to Specialize Your Modern Office Sitting Areas

Gone are the days of a one-size-sits-all chair. Welcome to modern office sitting – an advanced approach to an age-old concept. Throughout your life, you will spend a year’s worth of time sitting down. Instead of using the same type of chair for every situation, you can specialize your office furniture based on specific actions and tasks.

For a Quick Sit, Use an Office Lounge Chair

<alt="office lounge chair"/>People who sit in your lounge area won’t stay for multiple hours. Choosing a lounge chair is different from choosing a desk chair; the former focuses on relaxation, and the latter creativity. Instead of using traditional chairs in your lounge, consider the following options.

Going with a seductive chair like this invites a person to sit, but also says we’ll be moving to a better place soon. Not only is this chair curvy and charming, it is strong and dependable. It swivels, too, so you can choose what direction your lounge guests face.

You don’t have to restrict your lounge to just chairs. You can add a sofa in your lounge, too.


Stand Out While You Sit With Executive Office Chairs<alt="Executive Office Chairs"/>

Create a sharp look in your executive office space with chairs designed to make you stand out while you sit. Executive office chairs don’t just provide an authoritative look, they are also comfortable for your body. It is much easier to stay focused on the responsibilities when your back isn’t aching from an uncomfortable chair.

Executive office chairs come in many sizes and shapes. For a modern look with a hint of futurism, a chair that embodies leadership like this lets everyone else know who’s in charge.

Some of our customers prefer want a modern chair that imitates a traditional style. A chair like this one looks like one you’d see on an episode of Mad Men, if it were not for the advanced features like adjustable height and premium quality materials.


Generate Your Best Ideas With Modern Conference Chairs

<alt="conference chairs"/>A conference requires a different type of mindset. When you’re at your desk, you can concentrate on specific tasks as they apply to your day-to-day. In a conference room, you usually spend time with other people and discuss big picture ideas.

Conference room chairs work in unison. Just like a flock of birds flying in arrow formation in order to lower wind resistance, the chairs must work together as one cohesive unit. The right color and style combination in a conference room chair set like this encourages teamwork and conversation. Additionally, the mesh backing leaves room for air flow, so conference attendees stay cool while sitting.


Getting Things Accomplished in a Task Chair

<alt="silver desk chair"/>In some situations, you can use a chair in more than one place. For moving your chair to the conference room to the lobby, it helps to have a mobile chair with wheels. With so many combination colors to choose from, you’ll find the right chair that matches your decor and brand colors.

Another benefit of a multi-purpose chair is saving money. Chairs that wear multiple hats are common for our customers who work in start-up spaces. A chair with more than one use allows your company to stay lean, on budget, and creative so you can move and adjust your strategy as you scale.


Have a Seat

Strong Project has several options for financing your office furniture project. No matter what style you choose, we will work with you to get your project completed on time and within your budgeting requirements.

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