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5 Signs it is Time to Buy New Office Furniture

need to buy new office furniture

The decision to buy new office furniture is often put off over and over again. Many business owners look at their surroundings and see office furniture that still functions just fine. The desks hold computers and have drawers that open and close. The coffee table in the break room might have a few rings, but it still holds a cup of coffee. The workplace has changed rapidly in the last two years. Business owners also know that there is no space to hold on to what was in the new modern workplace. In this article, we will explore the common signs that it may be time to upgrade your office furniture.

What is the Lifespan of Office Furniture?

No matter how well office furniture is cared for, it will eventually wear out. The average life span for commercial furniture is actually around a decade. Many items like desks and cubicles will be on the higher side of the average. But chairs for example, that an employee uses every day, and ergonomic chairs, in particular, should be replaced every five years. Comfort is important to employee productivity, and one of the first indicators that a chair needs to be replaced is discomfort.

5 Signs it is Time to Buy New Office Furniture

Wear and Tear

One of the most straight forwards signs that your office furniture needs to be replaced is visible signs of wear and tear. If you can see that the furniture is worn as you walk through your office, so can your clients and employees. This is particularly important in the current hiring market. It is a struggle to recruit and retain the best employees already, and worn or worse broken furniture will act as a deterrent to new employees and a catalyst for exit for current employees.

If you have positioned your company as an innovative modern organization, your office furniture needs to match.

There are some things that can be fixed and repaired. And regular maintenance should be done to all office furniture to ensure that it is functioning as it should be. But if the repairs go beyond a few bolt tightenings and grease to drawers to make them slide easier, making an upgrade may be a better option. If you can’t remember the last time you purchased office furniture, or you have gotten used to the chips and scratches on your conference table, it is definitely time for a change.

Dated or Mismatched

buy new office furniture for a modern confernce room with ergonomic office task chairs and a modern conference table

Maybe your office furniture isn’t showing visible signs of wear and tear, but every day in your office feels like a trip to a time where mainframes and pagers were the norm. Unless you are going for a retro look, this may be your sign that it is time to buy new office furniture. If you are an innovative company, your office furniture should reflect that image.

If your company has been in business for more than a decade and has been successful, chances are your numbers have grown. Or if you are a newer company that started out with furniture you inherited with the building, you might have furniture in various different styles, colors, and materials. Often as companies grow new furniture needs to be purchased to make sure the whole team has desks, chairs, or cubicles. Sometimes, the same style is no longer available. This variation no matter how small, causes the office to begin to look like a patchwork quilt. Purchasing new modern office furniture will give your office a clean and consistent feeling.

Doesn’t Reflect Branding

modern office curved cubicle layout with adjustable height desks and ergonomic task chairs

The branding of your company sets you apart and creates a memorable impression. This branding should be reflected in your entire office from your reception desk to your break room. If you have positioned your company as an innovative modern organization, your office furniture needs to match. In today’s environment, clients and employees vote with their feet, and make judgments about your company within the first 5 minutes they walk through the door. In those minutes, they may not even have a chance to hear from you what your company is all about, but they will see the office furniture around them.

If you can’t remember the last time you purchased office furniture, or you have gotten used to the chips and scratches on your conference table, it is definitely time for a change.

On another note, if you have recently gone through the rebranding process, drafting a new mission and vision statement, and choosing new company colors, and logo, this may be the right time to buy new office furniture. Your branding and website may have gotten a facelift, but if you don’t make the investment in an upgrade to your office, you may not be making the impact you were hoping to make with this change.

Hinders Productivity

modern office cubicle with modular workstations with adjustable height desks in biophilic office

What does office furniture have to do with the productivity of your team? More than you might think. Let’s start with comfort. If your employees are uncomfortable at their desks. They won’t want to stay their working for long, but even if they do stay, they won’t be performing at their best. Ergonomic chairs and keyboards, sit-stand desks, and natural lighting are not just buzz words. They are upgrades that you can make to help your team stay healthy and able to perform at their best for longer periods of time.

Another barrier older furniture may create to productivity is in the general flow of the office. Copier in one room, file cabinets in the other, and your supervisor in yet another room. The conference room is the only place where people can gather. The break room is one small table and a coffee pot. The right modern office furniture can make the office a hub of productivity. With multiple different spaces for collaboration, and supervisors integrated right into workstations with their teams. If you are considering an office update, productivity enhancements should be at the top of your design list.

Your Moving Spaces

modular collaborative lounge seating for the modern office with modern aesthetics

If you are moving to new office space, it may be the best time to leave your older furniture behind. A new space is a great time to start fresh with modern office furniture. Change is a challenge for many. Your team may have been used to the familiar space. But a new modern office will have them excited about the potential of a new beginning instead of dreading a different commute.

Starting in a new office with new furniture will also save on the time and money involved in packing all of the old furniture and moving it to a new location.

And while an old pair of jeans might be your favorite. They are worn and broken in just right. The same sentiments do not ring true for office furniture. Take a look around your space today. And if any of the 5 signs apply to you, it’s time to buy new office furniture.

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