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A Healthy Office is a Happy Office

cool-office-furniture_17Your team is what separates you from your competition. It’s important to keep your best talent happy, healthy, and well so that they can perform at their highest level, produce the best results, and stay committed to the work that they do every day.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your team is healthy and happy is by creating an office environment that’s conducive to their success and supports their health, keeps them content, and creates a perfect balance of work and relaxation throughout the day. Here are three office solutions to keep your office healthier and happier.

Ergonomic Furniture

Where you complete projects and get your work done is very important to your health, productivity, and creativity. Are your employees using furniture that keeps them going strong throughout their dynamic workdays? The furniture your employees use should support their bodies, help them stay focused, and keep them energized.

To support your entire office, switch the traditional office chairs and tables for ergonomically designed pieces. Our modern office chairs support the back muscles, improve blood flow, and create a comfortable spot to focus and accomplish projects. Let your team try out the latest adjustable height desks. Whether they prefer to sit behind their desk, or they like to stand up to complete their work, these types of desks cater to their own personal preferences. Just like ergonomic desk chairs, contemporary adjustable height desks also improve brain activity, muscle health, and improve your mood. For a healthier, happier workforce, make sure you’re providing the best furniture for your team.

collaborative-furniture_07-DONERecreational Spaces

It’s important for your employees to break up the monotony of their workday to improve their productivity, innovation, and mental health. Why not provide them with designated break spaces and recreational areas to enjoy their breaks? We’re not just talking about giving your team a drab break room or tired coffee corner that traditional offices are accustomed to. Design a fun, one-of-a-kind themed area such as a coffee shop, a game room, an outdoor park, or even a basketball court or unique space that caters to your team’s interests and personality.

Modern offices across the United States and around the world are redefining what the contemporary break space looks like. Take a page out of the Google, Facebook, and Silicon Valley office playbook for inspiration. These offices make break time mandatory—and their employees aren’t just retreating to a space with couches and tables. Think outside of the box for ideas. Survey your employees to see what kind of space they’d be interested in using for down time.

Whatever type of break room you create in your modern office, make sure it allows your employees to have some fun, relax, and gather their thoughts before getting back to work. Create a space that keeps your team happy, energized, and excited to come back to the office day after day.

contemporary-office-furniture_17-DONENatural Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the most important factors that controls your office’s health. If your office lighting is mainly from fluorescent ceiling lighting or lamps, your employees can develop serious health conditions. Employees that don’t have access to natural lighting on a daily basis may suffer from sleep disorders, eyestrain, and low productivity. Sitting under unnatural lighting all day can also decrease your team’s productivity, innovation, and office morale. Studies show that employees can even develop depression and other mental imbalances if they’re subjected to poor office lighting.

Consider redesigning your office to give your office employees the natural lighting they need to accomplish their work, boost their creativity, and get inspired. Proper lighting will also improve your employees’ health and increase your employee retention rates. If your office already has plenty of windows, make sure your workspace layout allows for every employee to have access to them. Swap the light bulbs in your office for a quick design improvement, and make sure that you’re frequently asking your employees if they need better lighting or what would help them work to the best of their abilities.

Planning your next office redesign? Our StrongProject designers are ready to co-create your dream office space with you.

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