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Are Work Resorts the Future of Work?

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Since the pandemic, companies have struggled to bring employees back to the office. From adopting the hybrid model to creating experiences for employees to providing a setting that employees can’t replicate outside of the office. Designing environments that promote collaboration and socialization, as well as a major focus on employee wellbeing, have helped employees see the value of working on-site. And companies have realized just how necessary it is. This article from Forbes discusses the importance of socialization and interaction in the workplace. But now companies are focusing on providing a comfortable environment for employees. The solution? Work resorts.

Work resorts are one of the newest trends in office design. These innovative office spaces, embody a paradigm shift, providing employees with a less structured and more comfortable work environment, akin to a retreat, where they can seamlessly blend work and well-being. With many companies downsizing and transitioning out of large, excessive spaces, there has been a shift toward smaller more “homey” offices. Because of this, companies and employees are both benefitting from this redesign. Companies can downsize to more affordable spaces. This lets employees work in an environment that more closely reflects the comfort of their own home. While the concept might seem simple, there’s a lot that goes into designing an effective work resort.

The Motivation

After employees got to experience remote work during the 2020 pandemic, they got a taste of comfort and independence. Many employees realized that they prefer to work in an environment unique to them instead of the typical commercial office building.

Over the past few years, the rise in popularity of multiuse and coworking spaces has given employees other options besides their home offices. But these other options are still very different than the traditional office setting. Now, companies aren’t just challenged with recreating the home office. They now need to recreate spaces like coffee shops and other cozy hospitable environments. This transition toward a more welcoming and unique work experience is nothing new, but the way companies are implementing this concept is.

What Does a Work Resort Look Like?

Work resorts are centered around hospitality. This results in a less formal office space. The conventional workspace is shrinking and the open “work anywhere” layouts are growing. Companies can recreate the freedom of deciding where to work. The work resort is a less structured office space where employees are able to find more value in spaces, social interactions, and comfort.

The work resort design focuses on the experience and comfort of work and employee wellbeing is at the center.

Employees aren’t limited by designated spaces. They can choose to work in spaces designed for specific uses, or they can use multifunctional furniture to create the space that works best for them. The shared spaces and common areas allow employees to work the way they want. But work resort spaces don’t only look like hotel lobbies.

There’s more than one way to create hospitable spaces. Work resorts often extend to outdoor seating areas. This lets employees surround themselves with greenery and other natural elements. This is the foundation of a biophilic design. Placing plants, water features, and natural textures in a working environment has been proven to help improve mood, morale, and ultimately productivity. Because of the benefits of a biophilic design, this concept is also replicated throughout work resort design. The work resort is a casual, functional, and enjoyable office that meets and exceeds employee needs.

Work Resort Furniture

Since work resorts are more casual in their design, you won’t find traditional cubicles or extravagant board rooms. Instead, these spaces are replaced with modular lounge seating, private work booths for focused work, and versatile breakroom furniture. The furniture you choose when designing your workspace determines how well you repurpose your space and how effective your work resort is.

Lounge Seating

One of the most specific characteristics of work resorts is lounge spaces. Think of a traditional resort entryway. There’s ample seating, different lighting options, and a sprawling open layout. Most of all, there’s comfort. Our collaborative product collection has the perfect seating solutions that are the perfect marriage of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.


With any open floor plan, you’ll likely have to learn to work with distractions. Whether it’s noise or interruptions, it’s hard to work in an open layout and be completely undisturbed. The answer is acoustic furniture and phone booths. The comfort and hospitality of work resorts shouldn’t replace what employees need to work effectively. Having designated pockets throughout a work resort lets employees escape from the open concept. Our acoustic pods and booths give employees an area to work privately and meet with others in a casual yet functional space.


Although work resorts might feel like one large comfortable breakroom, it doesn’t mean it should replace the breakroom. Certain aspects of the breakroom are replicated throughout a work resort. However, designated spaces for socialization and human interaction are still needed. Designing a breakroom allows employees to have one more option to choose from, especially for collaborative spaces. Shop our breakroom product collection to find furniture and inspiration for your work resort.


Amenities are another important part of work resorts. Some large companies that have expansive campuses incorporate street food-style food courts, wellness areas, gyms, and even recreational areas for activities. Even though this is unrealistic for many companies, there are still ways to incorporate amenities in the workplace.

The work resort design focuses on the experience and comfort of work and employee wellbeing is at the center. Designated spaces with wellness and nap pods let employees escape from their day to day for a reset. Cafeterias, catering, or meal plans help employees worry about one less thing each day. Ergonomic furniture lets employees work without sacrificing posture, physical health, and mental health. These relatively small additions to your work resort design can help add just one more element to the employee experience.

Build a Work Resort and Stay a While

Is the work resort the right solution for your company and employees? If your employees aren’t used to working in this laid-back, casual environment, it might take some time to adjust to it. But that doesn’t mean they won’t embrace it. Meeting employee needs is one of the most important contributors to job satisfaction. Employees too often face restrictions imposed by their surroundings. Confined spaces, inefficient use of space, and rigid offices can greatly affect the way people work. However, eliminating those stressors can help open your office to new possibilities, and your employees up to a whole new way of work.

Redefine your workplace with our innovative products, seamlessly blending comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

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