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Can Your Office Afford to Design It to the Max?

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Despite Marie Kondo’s decluttering prowess taking Netflix bingers by storm, there is a new design trend that flies in the face of everything the Spark Joy movement stands for: maximalism. This sometimes jaw-dropping design style is a feast for the eye, and for proponents of it, a feast for the soul.

Richly layered, eclectically patterned, and full of color and texture all in one space, maximalism design is to the office what the Red Queen is to Wonderland–an epic tale of different eras, styles, and tastes all rolled into one for an overall effect so astonishing, people stop and stare.

Why Maximalism?

Several theories abound as to why maximalism is taking off. Some say it’s the political and social climate, where many people feel the world is burning, so why choose one style in which to immerse themselves when they can have many? Others say our addiction to flat screens, phone screens, and computer screens means our need for the 3D is roaring back with a vengeance.

Modern office design

For office designers, maximalism offers a chance to get creative with design in a way that wows clients and customers alike. By playing with scale, proportion, perspective, texture, patterns, finishes, and art, companies embracing the maximalist style are making big, bold statements. They’re saying, “We’re not afraid to show who we are. All of who we are.”

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