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Collaborate Safely with Post-COVID Cubicles

Two coworkers sharing space safely at Post-COVID cubicle

Working remotely from home seemed like the answer to many of life’s office problems. We no longer had to commute, which means we saved money on gas. We could make breakfast and lunch at home, which means we ate more healthily. We worked in our own space, which means we avoided that coworker in our open office who got on our last nerve. Then, the allure wore off. We realized that our days seemed longer, our ability to collaborate decreased, and our mental health suffered. What happened is we really and truly missed the office experience—annoying coworker and all. We dreamed of post-COVID cubicles. 

At first, those working from home were cranking out projects, making bosses happy, and organizations even happier. However, it turns out that isolation has gotten in the way of productivity. Reports indicate our days are longer. Workers are now getting less done because they can’t collaborate effectively, and they feel like they can’t “turn off” because bosses will think they’re zoning out. 

Companies who want to bring their employees back need to ensure their people will be safe. Our modern office cubicles might just be the answer.

Pre-COVID, office culture had become much more collaborative. It was about teamwork and combined efforts, and that doesn’t always translate well virtually. “What we know for work that requires any collaboration, trying to do it virtually doesn’t seem to work very well,” Peter Cappelli, a management professor at the Wharton School of Business, said. He suggests there’s little chance that everyone is going to continue working from home following the pandemic

Overview of dogbone Post-COVID cubicle workstation

Companies who want to bring their employees back need to ensure their people will be safe. And employees who are ready to return to the workplace will be more comfortable returning to work knowing their wellness is a priority. Rather than them worrying about safety and health, their energy should be on collaboration and regular work tasks.

Barriers against infection are as necessary for physical health as the ability to work together is for mental health. 

Collaborate with Post-COVID Cubicles

Office furniture solutions such as safe collaborative post-COVID workplace cubicles offer health and safety measures in an open office space that the traditional cubicle can’t. Barriers against infection are as necessary for physical health as the ability to work together is for mental health. 

This sophisticated and timeless post-COVID cubicle design provides protective screens that allow for collaboration and features the latest in cutting edge modern design in the new world of social distancing office furniture.

The overall protective screen height is 62” so there is sufficient shielding if someone were to cough or sneeze at their desk. Side divider options are either a desk-mounted screen or mobile screen, both of which provide shielding height at 24” above the desktop.

Post-covid collaborate cubicle

The workstation components are made of easily cleanable materials such as laminate, acrylic, and marker board. Other advantages include:

  • Easy cleaning – We use cleanable non-porous materials such as laminates, acrylics, and marker-board.
  • Free space plan – We’ll do a free test-fit to show you how these workstations will fit in your space.
  • Numerous finish options are available – Solid colors as well as textured and rustic woodgrain laminates are available for panels and worksurfaces. Acrylic components come in clear, frosted, light blue, orange, red, and gloss white marker-board. Bleach-cleanable tackable fabrics are also available.
  • Ergonomic monitor arms and Power/USB desktop chargers are also available.

Along with our social distancing furniture, our modern office cubicles are a great solution for office separation. Check out our blog post about the modern office cubicle and what it can do for you and your employees.

If you’re ready to give your employees what they crave, provide them with the peace of mind and joy we only receive when we create and collaborate with others. They will take care of the rest.

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