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Commuters and Contractors: Flexible Office Spaces

Compact WorkstationsDesigning and managing an office that houses rotating employees (commuters, contractors, and those who don’t work the regular 9-5) can be tricky, but it often allows a company to cut back on “dedicated space” for those workers. Many organizations opt instead for modular workstation designs.

Benefits of a Flexible Office Space

With shifts in the economy and business structure, designing a more flexible office environment has become the best way to protect your bottom line.

Modular furniture is also a practical investment for start-ups planning to grow beyond their current office space. These companies don’t want to end up saddled with entire sets of fixed furniture that may be discarded or sold off at negligible rates when it’s time to move.

Optimize the space your company currently has and provide employees with truly private and collaborative workspaces. Here are just a few customizable modular furniture designs to help you determine what type of workstation is right for you.

Circular WorkstationReinventing the Cubicle

Modern, circular workstation design can be tailored to a specific height, and the curved walls can be fabricated from acrylic, laminate, printed on styrene or metal. Stations can come with an integrated electrical system and can be customized to fit your space. One of our most popular, these distinctive workstations are like little islands, offering ample individual desk space and privacy for the employee to concentrate.

Peas in a Pod

3-Pod curved workstations are customizable in terms of size, finishes and height. Perfect for promoting coordination between team members, these workstations also feature the essential privacy partition and ample desk space for employees to focus on the task at hand.

3-Pod WorkstationThe Streamlined Approach

Keeping your best minds in sync may demand a more streamlined approach. Many of our clients need compact workstations to generate more focused and consistent collaboration between employees. These workstations are customizable in quantity, size, finish and height, and they work in almost any office space.

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