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Executive Office Furniture and Your Work Style

Modern office furniture speaks for you even when you’re out of the office—and halfway across the globe, meeting with other executives and making connections. So how can you be sure you’re sending the intended messages?

Explore these two executive office layouts and what they communicate to clients and employees in terms of your work style.

 Executive Office Design 1: The Open Office

Today’s modern office is all about collaboration—to the extent that some executives forego the plush corner office altogether. Clients who enter this environment immediately recognize they are in a contemporary office, and will know to expect progressive values and forward thinking.

Open office designs furnished with collaborative office furniture indicate the company’s move toward team-centric values, creativity, and innovation. Modular workstations and collaborative meeting spaces abound this office, with upper level executives working alongside their employees.

Executive Office Design 2: The Thought Leader

In this modern office, the modern classic office furniture and décor set a tone of traditional values.

A large, Italian office desk in the center of this private office indicates a more hierarchical configuration. The modern leather executive desk completes the look, with guest chairs facing the office’s focal point—the person behind this robust desk. Visitors know this executive has reached the upper level of his or her firm, and the layout commands respect.

StrongProject offers unique modern office furniture that makes a lasting impression on everyone who walks through your doors. For every style of your leadership, we offer the most striking contemporary office furniture that embodies your company’s values.

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