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Fall Color and Design Trends in 2014

<alt="Fall Color Trends"/>Autumn is a great time indeed; the sun slowly drifts southward as the weather becomes cooler, and leaves start glowing with that beautiful red-orange tint. It’s almost impossible to not want to be outside enjoying the spectacle that nature presents us with this season.

The richness of autumn colors is truly invigorating, so why not add them to your office, too? If you’re looking to redesign your office space, or you just want to give it a quick touch of color and personality, we suggest adding the cheerful shades of fall to your color palate. Using these colors in your modern office design is the perfect way to uplift your workers’ spirits and keep them productive.

Many companies like to play it safe by opting for furniture made in grey and black. While this may work during summer, it won’t be as effective during the colder months. The nights become longer and employees are often required to stay back during busy days. Adding shades of pumpkin orange, rust, and maple red can have a dramatic effect on the mood and effectiveness of your coworkers. You can help them stay energized when it starts to get darker (and colder) earlier.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

<alt="Colorful Tulips"/>People hate being boxed up inside a building all day. This year, more companies are bringing their offices closer to nature, and so should you. Ensure that there is plenty of natural light in the workspace. This not only aids in improving the mood of people, but will also reduce power consumption.

Having greenery inside your office will also help people feel more refreshed, relaxed, and focused.


 Keep it Natural with Wood

davis_tix_desk09Wood is trending this autumn, and you can use it to bring a sense of outdoorsy fun into your office. Until last year, woods with richer tones were a popular choice for fall; however this year, lighter colored, honey-toned woods are favored.

Consider opting for wooden office desks  along with leather guest chairs to lift up the mood in your office. Furniture made out of oak and cherry are excellent choices, not only due to their aesthetic value, but also because of their sturdiness and high quality.



Use Matching Colors and Accents

<alt=colorful coffee tables"/>Versatility in color selection and design is another trend that’s popular this year. Why settle for a monotonous, single color look, when you can liven up the atmosphere with desks, coffee tables, and chairs with basic designs and pops of bright colors?

Your team will enjoy discussing their work if you put together an inviting and lively collaborative space for them with a colorful coffee table and tub chairs .

Our designers can help you create the perfect modern office design for you this fall, so contact us today !

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