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Fall Color Trends for Your Office

<alt="modern seating"/>Colors play many important roles in your business. The color(s) you’ve used on your logo say a lot about the goals and personality of the company. Facebook’s logo is a friendly blue, which aligns with Facebook’s positioning as a social and interactive network.


Like your logo, your company office says a lot about your company’s goals and personality, too. <alt="modern desk"/>However, unlike your logo, your office space can easily change based on milestones, events, projects, or company-wide initiatives. With modern office furniture, you can adjust your office space to suit a variety of situations and needs. So, too, can you adjust the entire mood and atmosphere in your office space just by changing the design colors used. Imagine changing the color of your employee lounge chairs so you can warmly welcome your guests to the office. What about using lighter colored furniture in the summertime to keep things cooler – and darker furniture in the winter to trap in the warmth?

There are many other reasons why you would change your office furniture, but because fall is right around the corner, let’s go over how you can create a warm fall environment in your office – one that inspires your team, gets them focused, and increases their productivity – by changing the colors or materials of your modern office furniture.

Create a Bright and Welcoming Mood

Orange and White Reception DeskFall is the best time to use warm colors like orange, cherry red, lime green, and cobalt blue. These colors are lively and add a tremendous amount of creative energy to your office space. Use them properly, and you can keep energy levels high during the last half of the year.

For an immediate bright and warm welcoming for your guests, this orange-based reception desk creates the perfect fall atmosphere in your entryway or lobby area. Your receptionist will appreciate the friendly vibe your clients, team, and colleagues feel when they first enter your office.

If you prefer red or green colors, you can use a circular reception desk to mimic fall all year long.

Have Some Fun in the Office

When you think of summer, you think of hot weather and cool oceans. And when you think of winter, you visualize hot cocoa and cold snow. Every season has a specific mood. In the fall, we see nature change its colors and put on a beautiful visual show for us. In the fall, nature has fun.

S<alt="Movable Tables"/>o, fall is also your chance to let your office play. With highly portable office tables, you can add energy to any room in your workspace. Having mobile tables also allows you to easily store them during winter, spring, and summer – allowing you to rotate your office decor based on the season.

It’s important your office has a space where your team can rest and take breaks, too. Lightweight and colorful coffee end chairs create an upbeat mood in your office, even while people are sitting down, taking a break, or relaxing before a big meeting. Additionally, organizing the layout of these chairs is fun. Because each chair has a distinctive shape and color, you can mix and match furniture to create brand new sitting areas unique to your office each day.

Celebrate Natural Materials

<alt="Wooden Furniture"/>

Aside from the bright and fun colors, fall also represents harvesting and getting in tune with nature, so why not add natural materials to your space? Consider adding natural wood furniture to your layout this fall. Wooden office tables go well with brightly colored flower decor or accent furniture pieces, or you can work on a natural wood desk like this in your executive office or suite.

On our contact page, we provide more than one way for you to reach us. If you want to create a fun, vibrant, natural fall office space, our designers are ready to co-create the office design that’s right for your team.

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