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From Start-Up to Mid-Size Business: How Your Office Grows

modular-office-furniture_16Your dreams came true, and now your start-up is expanding into a midsize business! Growing your business means suddenly having to address a variety of employees’ needs you may not have considered: more restrooms, a better break room, a bigger reception area, office perks, and a variety of office furniture to meet different physical abilities. As you grow, so do the options: standing desk or office desk? What about a bar-top style community workstation? Here is your checklist to ease the growing pains.

A New Office, A New Look

As your start-up business matures, you hire employees to meet the greater demand for your products and services. Whether you relocate to new premises or take over additional space, a mid-sized business needs not more of the same furniture, but a different set of furniture and a new office design. Check out our one-of-a kind dynamic Design Your Office tool and start playing around with ideas and colors!

Caring About People

When your business expands, the administrative workload increases and this necessitates a special place for administrative and HR departments, as well as additional filing cabinets that they can access with ease. In order to provide the right ambiance of friendliness and authority, we suggest that the HR personnel require both effective modern office workstations and an informal seating area. Now HR can pleasantly encourage employees to open up about their concerns.


First Impressions

Another space that needs to be revamped when a business grows is the reception area. It now has to accommodate space to seat a larger number of clients and make that ideal first impression. A contemporary office reception desk too needs to deal with a larger number of enquiries and this is possible only when it can accommodate all the information needed. We recommend modern reception desks that use a mix of metal and glass to project a sleek, professional image.

Importance of Team Building

Your larger business also needs to work to retain key and talented employees by rewarding them with office perks. These can include a team work area near the window, standing desks if they prefer it, and so on. Moreover, each employee has to be accessible to the team members when needed. This can be achieved by using StrongProject’s modern office furniture.

Another vital component of a mid-sized office is the lunch or break room. Modern lounge furniture enable a larger team to interact informally with each other and build better rapport. The break room needs to reflect vigor and style, as well as encourage interactions across more traditional boundaries.



Multi-Purpose Conference Tables

When an organization grows, it needs a place for multiple conferences and committee meetings. These conference tables need to be flexible enough to permit the use of large screen presentations or be compact to enable quick discussions to be wrapped up with superior ease.

Just as the right type of office furniture is essential to promote the best kinds of interactions in a mid-sized business. Office décor in contemporary styles enhance the space and ensure that employees are more energetic.

Reflect a New Personality

StrongProject offers a gallery of well-designed contemporary office furniture that will reflect that new corporate culture, or the professional re-branding you may need as your business grows. Feel free to explore our galleries for inspiration!


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