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Great Office Space=Happier Workers

alternative spacesMatching workspaces to functionality and comfort is crucial to employee retention. Who wants to return to an unpleasant and unproductive office, day after day? Organizations have started to realize this and are looking for innovative ways to set their workplaces apart from the ordinary daily grind.

But creating a comfortable work environment goes beyond simply incorporating plush rugs, throw pillows or soft mood lighting. Employees need the right tools in the right spaces.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few modern furniture designs that will help inspire a happier workforce.

congf table - electronics

Conference Tables with Built-In Electronics

Integrate flexible power, data, and video connectivity to your next meeting by investing in a conference table that comes wired for the task. Having a conference table with a built-in monitor, sound, HDMI, and USB hookups simplifies your employees’ ability to share, present and collaborate.

Task Chairs: The Backbone of Your Workday

Spend a day in an uncomfortable chair, and it will color everything you do. A proper task chair is the backbone of any good workday—especially when that chair offers the world’s first fully adjustable lumbar support mechanism incorporated into the knitted mesh back.

task chair

Winner of the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award 2007, this task chair is the ideal combination of function and comfort. Invest in your employee’s physical well being on the front end, and it will pay back doubly in their productivity.

Alternative Spaces

Create an alternative space and you’ll reinforce the spirit of solidarity while providing employees with touch of home comfort. These high-backed lounge chairs offer the pleasant luxury and privacy that’s perfect for taking a break, discussing a project, or planning a presentation.

Start prioritizing employee productivity and comfort by showing them you understand what they do and how they do it best. They’ll do more than just appreciate you. They’ll actually love coming to work, day after day!


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