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Here’s How The Internet of Things Will Influence Your Office Design

What if the sign in sheet at your receptionist’s desk could text you when your next appointment has arrived?

Recent leaps in technology, data speed, and cloud storage make this–and much more–possible in your modern office design. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Internet of Things” or “IoT” by now, and its applications are staggering in the business world.

The Internet of Things, at its most basic, is the connectivity of any smart object to other smart objects when paired to a Wi-fi network. This includes smartphones, wearable devices such as the Apple watch, and computers, with potential to expand everywhere in your office: from coffee machines and lamps to photocopiers and major technological manufacturing equipment.

Designing the ultimate office that reflects your company culture, needs of your employees, and the pace at which you work requires regular upgrades. In this case, it’s time to assess what can be connected, and what can remain manual.
















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