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How Bold Should Your Reception Desk Be?

The modern office furniture world is achieving new heights in reception desk design, which may cause you to pause and consider: is your reception or welcome space performing at its best?

A reception area contains the basic elements that introduce your brand to a guest or regular visitor and gives them a silent, immediate brand promise of who you are and what to expect. Creative, sculptural seating or minimalist benches? Multimedia options while your guests wait, or acoustic pods for privacy while filling out forms? Your reception area is full of potential, and there’s no better place to anchor your fresh, new office design than with the reception desk.

We believe that a reception desk should be chosen like a piece of artwork: 

  • It must take up the exact amount of space it needs so it doesn’t appear too small or overwhelm the room.
  • It should clearly be the focal point and all other furniture should flow around it in a way that doesn’t block access to the receptionist.
  • It should be large enough to handle the number of guests who need to gain first access to it instead of forming an awkward line.
  • It should convey an emotion: warmth, friendliness, excitement, curiosity, confidence.

Here are some examples of how bold your reception desk can be:

Reception desks with a bold block and smart lighting will draw attention

>> Be bold as soon as clients walk through your office doors.

A solid wood facade. A soothing light. A bold color of your choice for the counter top. This reception desk says, “Here is where you need to be.” Available in a variety of finishes and colors on StrongProject, we recommend making sure it will streamline with the design of the rest of the office and pair well with seating, art, water features and more. This particular desk can also be made to fit any space.

A bold color such as purple or red is for any company courageous enough to make the first move.

>> Show off your curves with this reception desk.

For the company courageous enough to make the first move, a curved silhouette is not only chic but comfortable for the reception staff. Using lighting, bold colors in your choice of brand palette, and plenty of space to assist multiple guests, this desk says, “We’re here and we’re happy to be here.”

Do you need accessibility? Try a two-tier desk.

>> StrongProject has plenty of accessible reception desk options for you to choose from.

Do you need accessibility for different guests? Try to a two-tier reception desk, where your reception staff can enjoy peace of mind and work behind a higher partition, while accommodating guests at a wider welcome surface.


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