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How Modern Office Furniture Can Build a Stronger Team

Traditionally, organizations liked to rely on formal group meetings inside conference rooms in order to foster collaboration between different members. While such spaces were great for helping people share ideas, in today’s dynamic environment where innovation, collaboration and quick decision-making are the key drivers for success, such an approach falls short. More and more professionals are asking for better social engagement at the work-place and companies are realizing that most of their brilliant ideas are being discussed, brainstormed, and developed in informal gatherings around their offices. The traditional rigid, (extremely) structured workspaces are now redundant.

<alt="Modern office furniture"/>Today’s office is all about openness, transparency, sharing ideas, and enjoying the work, and modern office furniture  is designed to help teams make those values come to life. For instance, Google is well known for its crazy offices that range in design from the sublime to downright strange (their Dublin office looks like a jungle)!

Their use of creative architectural designs makes fantastic use of collaborative and modular furniture pieces such as alternative conference tables . These pieces create an inviting atmosphere, while also encouraging employees to move about, talk to each other and discuss ideas uninhibitedly.

In such a setting, ideas flow freely which can greatly improve productivity and decrease decision time. Clive Wilkinson, the man who designed Google’s Mountain View office did a lot of lobbying to persuade the tech giant to move to a more transparent workspace which made use of glass walls and beautiful, modern furniture. Google now uses similar design elements in all of their outposts throughout the world; check out what they decided to do with their Tel Aviv office here.

<alt="Modern Office Lounge Furniture"/>GET THINGS DONE SMOOTHER, FASTER!

Collaborative furniture is designed to let your team members or employees come together in an atmosphere where they can freely share and brainstorm ideas. These furniture pieces are both modern and comfortable. Sectional lounges with media consoles are ideal for presentations as well as meetings. These can be reconfigured to suit every unique situation, and the design will inspire your team inspires people to be more communicative, while helping them focus on the objectives at hand.

Modular furniture is also a cost effective and efficient way to enhance workspace interaction, and fully utilize your office space. Such furniture can easily be adapted for any workday needs. For example, modular workstations are easy to install and can be configured in a number of different ways depending on your office space and spur of the moment tasks. Employees have enough privacy to work on their own projects, but they can easily communicate with other members of their team, thanks to the glass panels between stations.


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