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How to Choose Your Perfect Desk

60Your desk is essential to a productive, creative, innovative workday. It’s the place where you’ll make decisions, brainstorm ideas for your next big endeavor, or meet with team members, clients, and leaders to finish projects. It’s the central location where you’ll take your company to the next level of success.

It’s imperative that you choose a workspace that caters to your individual work style, leadership role, workday needs, and one-of-a-kind personality. Your desk is the place that’s uniquely your own, whether you’re a C-level executive, a member of a large team, or an individual consultant.

No matter what role you play, whom you work with, or what projects you take on, you need a desk that helps you reach your goals and accomplish more each day. Here are our favorite contemporary desk designs.

The Collaborative Desk

If you have a team, enjoy working with your colleagues, or frequently brainstorm with others, then this desk is right for you. Our modern collaborative office desks provide ample space so you can spread out your work, invite others to join you on projects, and even connect virtually with clients through IT-equipped workspaces.

At StrongProject, we love incorporating collaborative workspaces into both open team office spaces, as well as C-level and executive private offices. Whether you’re the “big ideas” person, or you’re the one in charge of details, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of surface area for all of your documents, gadgets and electronics, and more. If you enjoy privacy while you work, you need input from your team to finish your projects, or you’re looking to host more strategic meetings in your office, consider adding a collaborative workspace to your office.

Tuohy_Coda_Desks05The “Less is More” Desk

Simple, elegant, clean: these are the words that best personify the “Less is More” executive desk. We have an impressive and beautiful collection of the highest quality modern and contemporary desks from around the world. We have handcrafted Italian desks, white office desks, glass table designs, and more. No matter what your personality is, we have a variety of options that will fit effortlessly in your private office or team workspace.

If you’re always on the move, don’t need much space to complete your projects, or are looking for a stunning conversation piece for your office, consider adding an executive desk to your suite. These desks resonate success, up-level your credibility, and leave a lasting impression on all who walk through your door.

The Adjustable Height Desk

This desk design is one of the most innovative in the contemporary and modern furniture market. Here’s why: these desks have been brilliantly designed to allow you the freedom to choose the height of your desk in a matter of seconds.

Studies have shown that standing while working or completing projects not only helps stimulate blood flow and improves your health, but it also increases your creativity and boosts your productivity. Even if you stand for 30 minutes at a time, you’re more likely to get more accomplished in less time, come up with better and more inspired ideas whenever you need them, and keep your energy high throughout your entire workday.

Whether you’re a creative type, you like to pace for inspiration, or you’re looking to improve your health while you work—adjustable height desks are a great addition to everyone’s workday.

Looking to invest in a new desk for your office or workspace? Our entire collection can be found here.

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