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L-Shape Office Desks Are Getting a Sleek Makeover

Remote work may be fine to start growing your company, but employees may feel disconnected.

When it comes to your personal office space, do you have enough desk room? Are you worried that your desk setup is outdated or in need of a makeover?

You should consider a modern office L-shape desk for ultimate productivity and office footprint. There are considerable advantages to installing an L-shape desk in your contemporary office:

  1. If you have a private office, the unique shape of an L creates a sense of control for how you lay out what we call your “active” work space: the table top area at which you spend most of your time working with computers, papers, sketching ideas, designing, reviewing reports and more.
  2. An L-shape office desk can convey a sense of authority and leadership by positioning you overlooking the rest of your office.
  3. You can maximize your surface area and reduce furniture installation costs by choosing an L-shaped desk over two separate tables: a single executive desk and a conference table.

Check out these design ideas for inspiration: 


A classic L-shape is the perfect fit for any executive who  wants to convey authority and elegance through a beautiful timeless design.

Choosing an L shaped desk conveys authority

Modern curves such as the additional space in this design, offer a refreshing take on the L-shape model. This is a great fit for a brand that is already implementing a minimalist aesthetic in its commercial office space.

curves add a nice surprise to the desk

Add a bit of personality with an artistic desk skirt to your L-shape. Choose a dark wood with a clean white or pop of color that complements the brand colors.

Experiencing growing pains? You can maximize office space with two L-shape desks facing walls for focus but easy communication between managers, teams, and smaller departments.

Find more desk inspiration from StrongProject’s collections and on Pinterest.

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