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Making Your Office Inconvenient For Employees Can Have These Surprising Positive Effects

We’re at an interesting crossroads in office design where many companies are looking for solutions that will help them work better. Some companies are designing their offices in order to work harder, faster, and automate or streamline everything for convenience. Others are taking a different approach, one which will allow them to work slower and with more intention. Does this seem counterintuitive? In our day and age, probably.

It’s called “purposeful inconvenient design,” where elements of the office layout create inconveniences which in turn force us to slow down, think through activities, and connect on a deeper level.

While not a new idea, it is one that hasn’t hit its tipping point yet among startups and especially in Silicon Valley, though some of the biggest brands in the world have introduced inconvenient elements to their work spaces. These design tweaks also yield some surprising positive benefits.


Designing your office to be inconvenient can have surprising positive benefits.

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