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Modern Office Décor

 KitchenIf you’re in the market to design an office, then you already know how much goes into design consideration that has nothing to do with desks and chairs. The right office décor compliments your space and everyday furniture, and provides the unique accents that make your office a truly vibrant, unique workspace.

Check out a just a couple of the latest trends in modern office décor before you start planning for your next office design.

Live Plants in the Workplace

It used to be fake plants could give an office the illusion of green space without the maintenance. But one of the latest trends in office design is the incorporation of live plants into office spaces to improve the air quality and to provide a vibrant, living aesthetic quality to the work environment.


Certain varieties of palm (bamboo, lady, areca, etc.) have all been dubbed some of the perfect office plants for their ability to produce the highest volume of fresh air while requiring only the most minimal of upkeep. But more than just improving the air quality, plants provide true green spaces that can improve the atmosphere of the office.

Contemporary Bookshelves   

Modern bookshelf design takes more into consideration than just holding books. They act to frame spaces along the walls, reinforce the work going on within those walls, and they accentuate the rest of the office furniture that gets more daily use.

Before you select bookshelves for you next office design, consider how the shelves are going to work with the space you have available and the other furniture you have in mind. StrongProject offers a wide range of bookshelves designed to match a variety of office designs and décor needs.


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