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Modern Office Space Hacks to Help Redesign Your Crowded Workplace

Whether you’re dealing with a small office space or your commercial office building is quickly reaching its capacity, incorporating “space hacks” into your office design can help quickly alleviate some of those growing pains you’re experiencing. 

There are several customized furniture options made specifically for your crowded space, and a few creative ways to use them, to help give your employees more room for productivity.

Feeling a bit closed in? Try using these modern office space hacks to help redesign and refresh your over-crowded office.

Adjustable Height Desks

Consider adjustable height desks as an option for any employee at your modern office for the health benefits. From productivity and stability to comfort and versatility, this desk offers more than meets the eye. It also doubles as a space saver—something you probably never expected!

For example, say you are ready for your weekly team meeting, but you don’t have a dedicated space for everyone to sit down and huddle up. Adjust your desks to their tallest position and grab some bean bag chairs or other low-backed seats and place them underneath, creating an easy area to talk about the week ahead with your team. 

Adding sit-to-stand desks to your packed office can add much-needed levels and depth, giving you and your employees more room and mobility to get the job done.

>> Our modern room dividers also act as sound-absorbing panels for any bustling office.

Partitions and Privacy Screens

With desk sharing, and probably too many people bundled up in one room, partitions and privacy screens can be a lifesaver. There are several different options on the market now—hanging screens, mobile partitions on wheels, and even multipurpose privacy screens that can double as acoustic furniture. 

At StrongProject, we highly recommend the latter because in a cramped space, even the smallest noises can seem thundering. By incorporating acoustic room dividers, you’re providing employees with a high-level of sound dampening while also adding a level of privacy in your open office area.

Collaborative Spaces

Creating collaborative zones in your crowded modern office space can help to create a workplace that serves more than one need—more than one kind of employee. While some prefer to work at a desk or modern cubicle, others desire a more relaxed work environment.

>> Community thrives when people have places where they can engage with one another.

Ask your employees what they need to be productive throughout their day. Instead of a desk, provide employees with the option of a collaborative seating arrangement. This can be somewhere they are able to work comfortably but also hold meetings with other employees or coordinate brainstorming sessions among team members. These spaces can act as both this singular employee’s workstation, as well as a place for the entire organization to come together; solving two problems in one.

You don’t need the biggest office to be successful, but you do need to offer employees a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment to work every day. Using these simple modern space hacks can increase productivity in your office, but more importantly, they can make your employees feel heard, respected, and engaged.

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