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Modern Office Tables: The Foundation of Your Workday

Modern Office Tables

Modern Office Table

Modern office tables bring both form and function to any workplace environment. From occasional tables that liven up your break rooms and lobbies, to the conference tables that set your meetings in motion, each contemporary office table offers a solution for the needs of your workday.

Let’s look at three categories of office tables frequently used in modern office design:


Occasional Table

Multipurpose Office Tables

Modern multipurpose tables bring people together for conversation, creativity, inspirational brainstorming sessions, and so much more.

From break rooms to collaborative workspaces, StrongProject’s multipurpose tables let you use the same space for a variety of purposes to meet your day’s ever-changing pace. Nesting tables and seminar tables let you mix and match table styles and shapes to suit your immediate needs or style.

Occasional Office Tables

Contemporary occasional tables are deceptively simple. While they mostly serve the function of providing a useful surface, they are also the key to making a lounge, breakroom, or lobby feel complete. And because their function is quite simple, these tables really have the opportunity to be experienced as art.


StrongProject’s modern occasional tables offer your office interior a little elegance or edge, depending on your taste. With contemporary corner tables, end tables, and accent tables, we have the modern décor to suit a variety of styles.

Modern Conference Tables

Conference tables are one of the most important surfaces of the modern office. From boardroom meetings to client meetings, these tables are the backbone of every conference room and the center for where business is conducted.

When choosing the right modern conference table for your boardroom, be sure to consider the form as well as function. StrongProject offers an array of specialty glass boardroom tables and wood conference tables. Complete with data, HDMI, and USB hookups, our modern conference tables give you the best of aesthetic appeal and functionality.



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