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New York Fashion Week Influences Modern Office Color Designs

New York Fashion Week just concluded, and during these eight days we noted trends for spring 2016. But no one says what’s fashionable is necessarily just what you wear. We took inspiration from sleek, modern lines and latest contemporary designers to put together a fresh color forecast for offices across the globe in the new year. There were several talked-about colors new to the Spring 2016 season, some of them part of the 210 new colors Pantone released in August. Take a look our top five picks for new office hues:


Lilac Gray

Gray is the cool sister of the color family, the one who is busy traveling, starting up companies, and defining the world on her terms. We love gray because it’s sophisticated and never goes out of style, is less jarring than black or white, and can be paired with bold primary colors such as red, teal, orange, and yellow. Lilac gray goes particularly well with orange, rose, seashell pink, and burgundy–any bold color with a cooler undertone. Try this tone on larger office furniture pieces, such as work stations, collaborative spaces, employee lounge bar tops, and seating.



Snorkel Blue

Blue traditionally puts stakeholders and new visitors to your office at ease, because it’s a soothing color. However, there are hundreds of different shades of blue! Which one do you pick? We love this Snorkel Blue, a rich and deep hue that is both comforting and relaxing without feeling washed-out. Try this color in your conference room, reception area, mail room or in transitional spaces such as hallways.



Iced Coffee

Don’t settle for taupe or beige in your new office design concept. Iced coffee introduces a new blend of beige and brown with a warm undertone without wandering too far into golden oak territory. This color is perfect for offices where a lot of accessories–concept boards, electronics, mock-ups, presentations, art, etc.–are taking the spotlight, so it’s not competing for the eye and keeps employees focused. Use this color on walls, desks, chairs, and office cabinets. It’s also a great color for human resources, managerial offices, employee lounges, and meditation rooms (yes, that’s a new corporate trend).



Fiesta Red

You always notice the red dress, so why not make a bold statement with a red office furniture piece? Red is an energetic color, perfect for collaborative work spaces, employee lounges, non-traditional conference rooms, and even reception areas. Use sparingly and carefully to create a balance of impact and taste.



Green Flash

Green is the power of money, a natural fit for finance and sustainability sectors. If you have an open office, acoustic furniture such as these designer acoustic ceiling panels, deaden office noise such as phone calls, loud voices, and clacking heels. Enjoy a quieter, more productive work space and add a peaceful swatch of green to your corner of corporate.

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