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Office Layout Transitions: Going from Traditional to Modern

Open Collaborate WorkspaceMoving into an office space that has a stuffy, traditional design? Or maybe you’re unhappy with your current office design and looking for something more open and inviting. Whether you need minor updates or a complete overhaul, a modern office layout can be the right solution. It’s time to update the old, square-shaped, traditional office space.

The problem with traditional layouts is the thinking that inspired them. Instead of promoting productivity, the layout sections off individual spaces. This closes employees off from one another. This can prevent collaboration—not exactly ideal for the modern, team-centered work environment.

Modern office layouts focus on the idea that opening spaces up can maximize the collaborative environment. As a result, this creates spaces where employees enjoy working. Layouts that use natural lighting sources, rounded edges, and nontraditional collaborative workspaces create workplaces that employees want to come back to day after day.

Open Meeting Area

Natural Lighting Sources

It’s no secret that natural light boosts morale and improves the look of any space. The regional and seasonal availability of sunlight can maximize the light you get from the sun. As a result, employees are happier and more productive, and it has the added benefit of cutting down on electricity costs.

Rounded Edges

Even if you start with a rounded reception desk, ditching the hard edges and boxy style of traditional office layouts can make your office feel more natural and streamlined. StrongProject offers a number of reception desks that do away with the rigid angles of more traditional reception desks.

Innovative and Inviting Break Rooms

Collaborative Workspaces

Nontraditional collaborative workspaces are the hottest trend in modern office layouts. Whether it’s breaking the team out of the boardroom for a brainstorming session or turning a break room into a chat room, these spaces open things up and really define modern office layouts.

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