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Place-Making Is A Trend Companies Need to Pay Attention To Now

The idea of place-making began in the ’60s as a concept for urban planning and an initiative to bring a sense of identity and atmosphere to a pedestrian area.

It enhances all the aspects of a location—the aesthetic beauty of a park, the ease of walking via wide sidewalks, improving pedestrian movement patterns with sculptures and planters or strategic lighting, added seating, interrelated vendors and retail—to make it more desirable. The area becomes “The Place to Be,” greater than the sum of all its individual elements, and more valuable to the community as a whole because of it.

Smart developers are beginning to apply this concept to offices around the globe to greater effect than anything individual companies can do.

Think of a high rise with retail stores, cafés, restaurants, dry cleaners, and more on the first floor (or first few), then the floors above are tailored to corporate tenants, and perhaps above that, residential floors. It’s an aAll-in-one building where people can work, play, and even live to maintain the cohesive work-life balance that has seemed to elude the corporate worker in the last 30 years.


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