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Product Spotlight: Interstuhl MOVY

The Interstuhl MOVYis3 Chair










The Interstuhl MOVYis3 chair has been declared the office chair to “end class barriers,” combining high-class comfort and technology with competitive pricing. And now, StrongProject is an exclusive modern office furniture resource selected to carry MOVYis3 chairs in Los Angeles.

Light, Transparent, Durable.

Interstuhl created the MOVYis3 chair with lightness and durability in mind. With their signature Body Float technology, this chair provides the ultimate sitting experience in modern office furniture.

It Moves with You.

Regardless of a person’s size or height, the MOVYis3 chair moves to meet that person’s body. As soon as a person sits down, the surface of the seat moves backwards and downwards, without the front edge of the seat lifting. The lower part of the backrest moves in to meet that person’s lumbar spine area. It easily glides along with your movement, and is made of the highest quality materials for maximum durability.

Designed with Options in Mind.

Interstuhl provides many options for the MOVYis3, making it truly a modern office chair for every individual’s productivity needs and personal aesthetic. Like other Interstuhl designs, the MOVYis3 is a versatile chair family that can accommodate the Executive Seating, Task Seating, Conference Seating, Guest Seating and Multipurpose Seating needs across an entire organization. It also comes in different colors and fabric textures. The backrest has a polyamide cover.

View more information in our Interstuhl MOVYis3 brochure.

Refresh your office with lightness, transparency and durability. The MOVYis3 looks great everywhere!

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About Interstuhl:
Interstuhl is one of the largest and premier office chair manufacturers in the world. Interstuhl guarantees high quality, solid, precision German craftsmanship and technology at its best.

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