Productive Office Design Ideas for Your Business

Updated October 2021 By now, we’ve all read that office happiness directly correlates to productivity. But, does everyone understand that if employees are physically uncomfortable, work will suffer while they shiver in their dark and drafty offices or seek the sweet spot in their clunky 20th-century desk chairs? Perhaps the issue is that management doesn’t understand the modern office design conundrum. Rest assured, there are simple productive office design and decor solutions that will open the office for brisk and comfortable business. When you update to create a productive office, be sure to include a generous line item for ergonomic chairs and sit-and-stand desks. Hold, please. Before you do anything, make a plan. Don’t jump head first into rearranging and redecorating only to find that your office building can’t accommodate the large acoustic panels you’ve purchased or the collaboration furniture you’ve ordered is PERFECT, but won’t deliver until six months from now. Be sure you do your homework, plot, and strategize. If your office can afford it, hire an interior decorator. Leave the job to an expert who does this for a living.   What Needs Redesigning? Lighten Up There are beautifully modern and efficient lighting options available, but several … Continue reading Productive Office Design Ideas for Your Business