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Reduced Paper In The Workplace? Redesign Your Defunct Filing Room.

Wondering what to do with unused office space? We have a few ideas at

Technology is not just a boon for the speed and efficiency with which we work, but it frees us from the anchors of our past working lives. Cubicles are going by the wayside as employers and employees now have the entire office building at their fingertips. Meeting rooms are becoming more open “gathering spots” akin to office cantinas and collaboration spaces. Shared spaces have become creativity and innovation hubs as the physical boundaries of offices past have been relaxed and reshaped by the work habits of younger generations.

With the ability to save an increasing number of documents to a cloud based storage system, file rooms, printer nooks, and supply closets bearing boxes and boxes of paper are on the endangered species list. They shouldn’t be considered exempt from the workplace design revolution of the past several years, but their size is prohibitive. So what can those areas be converted into to make the most use of your office square footage? Here are a few ideas.



Repurpose your old printing and filing areas with new, modern office designs.

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