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    Business Owners: Neurodiversity is the New Buzz in Office Design

    Modern businesses need diversity among employees. But what about the less commonly discussed need for neurodiversity? According to the National Symposium on Neurodiversity, “neurodiversity is a concept where neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation; these differences can include those labeled with dyspraxia, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorder, Tourette syndrome, and others.” But to create a neurodiverse workplace, the first step is to design your workplace with neurodiversity in…

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    Furniture-on-Wheels: Your Best Investment

    For the modern office, efficiency is everything. Time is money. The workday is always changing. Your team’s work style is fast-paced. Your office furniture should help—not hinder—your team’s productivity, creativity, and…