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    Here’s How The Internet of Things Will Influence Your Office Design

    What if the sign in sheet at your receptionist’s desk could text you when your next appointment has arrived? Recent leaps in technology, data speed, and cloud storage make this–and much more–possible in your modern office design. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Internet of Things” or “IoT” by now, and its applications are staggering in the business world. The Internet of Things, at its most basic, is the connectivity of any smart object to other smart objects when paired to a Wi-fi…

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    Tech Trends for Your Office

      Technology is transforming offices all around the world. From entire “smart offices” equipped with voice activated devices, to Cloud technology, to custom IT solutions and more: technology is changing the…

  • Interstuhl Silver
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    Product Spotlight: Interstuhl Silver

    You don’t have to close your eyes and imagine the ultimate office chair. It exists. Introducing the Interstuhl Silver: this highly-exclusive, luxury office chair was designed using only the finest German…

  • The Interstuhl MOVYis3 Chair
    Featured Products

    Product Spotlight: Interstuhl MOVY

                  The Interstuhl MOVYis3 chair has been declared the office chair to “end class barriers,” combining high-class comfort and technology with competitive pricing. And now, StrongProject…