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Tech Trends for Your Office


small screenTechnology is transforming offices all around the world. From entire “smart offices” equipped with voice activated devices, to Cloud technology, to custom IT solutions and more: technology is changing the way we run our workdays, complete projects, conduct business, and connect with our team.

Even if you’re not a tech guru or expert, you can easily incorporate the latest technology solutions and devices into your workday. They’ll help you accomplish more in less time, stay connected to all of your files and clients wherever you go, and they’re very user-friendly! Here are some of our favorite tech tools to try this year:

Smart Screen Monitors

If your team sits in front of a computer monitor or laptop screen all day, their eyes are being strained and stressed for countless hours every week. To help protect your team’s eyes and prevent their eyesight from getting worse, you can purchase smart screen monitors for their workspaces.

These smart screens are designed to reduce glare, prevent eyesight deterioration, and improve focus. If you need to boost your team’s productivity, innovation, and focus during their workday, these are a great solution. They’ll be able to get their projects completed more comfortably and with greater concentration.

Device Furniture

Device furniture is popping up all over the world, especially in the world’s coolest offices. These pieces—sofas, tables, lounge chairs, device walls—have the ability to connect (wirelessly, USB ports, or Bluetooth connectivity) to all of your devices.

You can charge your laptop while you take a break in a lounge chair. You can listen to music from your iPod while you prepare for a presentation or meeting. You can charge your phone while you chat with clients. You can meet with other team members and work on projects together in a device furniture workspace.

Personal Projectors

If your team likes conducting presentations, or they are more visual learners, you can provide them with personal projectors. These pocket-sized tools are perfect for employees that are constantly on the run, whether they work from home at times, are on the road meeting with clients, or they’re frequently seen moving from workspace to workspace in the office.

These inexpensive tools are great for impromptu meetings, conferences, small demonstrations, and traveling. Small enough to fit into a purse, a pocket, or a carry-on bag, consider giving these to your team so they can create and share their ideas, projects, and ideas in seconds.

Nucraft_Tavola_tconf04IT-Equipped Furniture

At StrongProject, we offer modern and contemporary furniture options that are equipped and ready for wireless connectivity and different IT needs. Include an IT-equipped conference room or board room table in your meeting spaces.

These tables allow you to access the Internet wirelessly, charge all of your electronic devices, and they easily connect to other devices, such as projectors, screen, computers, and more. Your team can stay connected to their Cloud storage, conduct virtual meetings with clients, and brainstorm together with their favorite devices at their fingertips.

Want to make your office more tech-friendly? Contact us today and learn more about our IT-equipped furniture.

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