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Tell Your Story with Office Design

modern officeSome of the most respected and admired companies around the world have designed their headquarters and offices to share their unique brand story and company journey with their guests, clients, and employees. Some companies choose to share who they are by only placing logos on walls. However, telling your brand’s story means so much more. You can tell your story through great modern office design.

Offices like Coca-Cola in Toronto are creating experiences for everyone that visits their headquarters. Sure, they’ve displayed their logos on walls and have Coca-Cola branded furniture throughout the office, but they’ve created a true visual and emotional experience for everyone that enters their doors. It’s important to create a unique experience for your guests and clients, and it’s even more important to create an office that your employees are happy to work in.

Here are a few ideas for using modern office design to tell your story, share your unique company legacy, and keep your employees happy and proud to represent your company.

modern furniture office designYour story begins when guests open your front door.

Your reception area is the first place where people will get a taste and feel of who you are, what you do, and what your company values and cares about. Make sure you’re choosing the right layout, reception desk, lounge furniture, tables, paint colors, accent pieces, logos, art, etc. that create the exact experience you want every person to feel when they visit.

When your lobby area clearly shouts, “This is us! This is who we are! This is what we care about!” then your guests won’t be left with any questions about the kind of wonderful, innovative, cutting-edge company you’re running. Keep in mind, too, that your employees should also feel like they’re coming home every time they come to work. Showcase how much you care about your mission and the lives your work is transforming for the better. Share your company history on your walls. Use the hallways to give your visitors a glimpse into the future of where you’re headed.

Post photos, videos, or any other personalized media that gives your company name a friendly face and a warm unspoken “handshake” that your guests will remember you for. Your story truly begins the minute someone opens the front door to your office—so make that first impression memorable, worthwhile, and meaningful.

office furniture designCreate custom office furniture.

Custom office furniture is one of the best ways to show your guests, clients, and employees what you’re all about. Your guests will spend anywhere from hours to days to even weeks in your office. Make sure you’re providing them with many different workspace options so they can feel comfortable and welcome.

But don’t make that your only priority: Your office furniture needs to show off your unique personality, share your values, and accent your office design effortlessly. When choosing custom furniture, keep function, design, and experience in mind. Don’t settle for furniture that every other office is using. Clients will recognize if you’ve included custom furniture in your office. They’ll appreciate that you spent time and effort to carefully pick and choose the right furniture for your team’s unique workday needs.

An office design that caters to your employees’ needs.

Employees that know they’re heard, understood, and cared for are the happiest employees. Studies show that when your team is happy, they’re more likely to come to work every day, perform at their highest potential, strive to grow the company, and stick with you for years to come. Your talent is your greatest asset in business, so why not design your space around their unique needs and wants?

Having a dedicated team that enjoys working in their office is one of the best ways to convey your company story to others. Give your employees a survey. Find out what they need to feel supported and work to the best of their abilities. Are there enough quiet spaces? How many recreation areas do employees need? Do they need bigger teamwork areas to brainstorm and complete projects? Do they want more personalized touches throughout the office?

modern office designAsk your employees how they want their workspace to look, feel, and function. Let them have a say in the layout, furniture choices, and amenities available to them. If your office is designed for and by your team, your guests and clients will notice. You can immediately tell if a team is happy, productive, and creative by the way their office has been created.

The world’s most innovative companies have put this theory into practice—and they know it works. They’ve created office spaces that truly tell their story. It tells you who they are, what they care about, where they started, and where they’re headed. Creating an office space that tells your story creates a legacy. One that your clients, your employees, and other companies want to share for years and generations to come.

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