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The Perks and Pitfalls of Hotdesking

Recent years have brought a lot of changes to the office, particularly as technology grows and younger generations begin to eclipse older generations. One trend that has taken hold is hotdesking, the practice having no assigned workstations, where employees share desk space with others.

To Hotdesk or Not to Hotdesk?

The concept is based on data that says as much as 40% of an office’s dedicated desk space sits unused on a given day, whether because employees are on vacation, work a flex schedule, or are in back-to-back meetings. With their desk sitting idle, is it an efficient use of space and design?

Some think not, and many offices have adopted hotdesking as an alternative. Fewer desks serve the same number of employees. With many offices becoming activity centered—such as large presentation tables, or small groups of armchairs where employees use portable devices—if all the actual desks are in use, there are plenty of other places to find comfortable workspace. Studies have also shown some employees—particularly millennials, who are the first generation to grow up with smart technology—don’t like being tied to an assigned seating arrangement, and are more productive flowing from space to space as the work dictates.

But how do you know if hotdesking is the right move for your company? Let’s look at the perks and pitfalls.


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