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The Return of Individualized Work Spaces: Trendspotting at NeoCon


Over at Inc. Magazine, StrongProject’s CEO Jeff Pochepan talks about how companies need to stop taking away privacy and personalization from employees and replace minimalist benching systems and workstations with something more balanced. His NeoCon-inspired ideas and tips for business owners can be found here.

During this year’s NeoCon, the most influential and popular trade show for commercial design, it was clear that companies are making big shifts to take care of their employees through better office design. From smart furniture that supports an employee’s health and wellness goals in real time, to outdoor commercial furniture accommodating more trans-exterior work activity, the week was filled with innovation presented by some of the most respected brands in the industry.

But there was one trend that significantly stood out among the rest: the return to privacy. For years, we’ve been decreasing the amount of privacy and personal work space for employees. Case in point: Gensler’s 2013 study showed that from 2010 to 2012, the personal space of an individual dropped from 225 to 176 square feet, and it’s predicted to drop to 100 square feet or even less in 2017. In their already-reduced work areas, 42% of employees are creating makeshift solutions to block out distractions from their co-workers.


photo: office snapshots

photo: office snapshots


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