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The Right Color for Every Space

Modern Reception DesksColor is a powerful tool. The color choices that you make for your workplace or office will directly affect the mood and atmosphere of that space. When creating your dream office or completing your new office redesign, it’s important to consider your color choices for each space based on the room’s function, purpose, and types of individuals who will spend the most time there. Color can add a pop of brightness and energy to a room, or it can create a calming and relaxing environment in a space. Whatever design choices you make, be sure that you’ve put time and thought into your color choices for the walls, furniture, floors, and other office design accents.

Here are some of our favorite color choices and where you should use them.

Orange: Productivity, Decisions, Action

Orange is the perfect color for your personal office or collaborative workspaces. It stimulates productivity and creativity. It also will increase your team’s enthusiasm and helps people make decisions. Orange will help your team accomplish more in less time, while keeping their spirits and energy high.

Did you know that you can customize our modular furniture and collaborative pieces and make them orange? In your board rooms, meeting areas, and collaborative spaces, make sure you’re incorporating the color orange into the design. You’ll boost your employees’ optimism, encourage them to take action, and helps them express their ideas and originality.

Acoustic furniture 2Blue: Calmness, Relaxation, Honesty

We love adding blue accent walls and furniture to our clients’ reception and welcome areas. It’s the perfect color to induce relaxation and tranquility. Welcome your clients and guests to your office with open arms, as blue is the color of honesty. This color promotes open mindedness, truthfulness, peace, and establishes trust and credibility.

Not only is it a great color for reception areas, but you can also add blue accents to your personal office suite or your team’s workspaces to break up high energy spaces and environments.

Green: Balance, Communication, Health

Green is the color of harmony. Green creates balance, fosters communication, and signifies acceptance of all things. We recommend using green throughout your break spaces or recreation areas. This color has a soothing effect on a space and will help your team stay balanced and focused. Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

If they need a break from their hectic schedule, green will help them stay upbeat, keep their spirits high, and will ensure that their energy is high enough to keep them going for the rest of the day. Green also helps people communication, so if teams are meeting together for impromptu meetings or get-togethers in your break spaces, they can communicate and understand each other with ease.

cool-office-furniture_10--DONEYellow: Fun, Happiness, Creativity

Yellow is a universal color that can be added in any office space, room, or environment. It’s the color of lightness, and excitement. If you need to add energy and enthusiasm to your space, paint one of the walls yellow. Add yellow sofas and chairs to your recreational spaces to encourage activity, movement, and fun! Wherever you need to boost the mood, inspire your team to have fun, or add some happiness to the office; make sure you’re using the color yellow.

We offer custom modern office furniture to fit any personality and style. Start creating your dream office with StrongProject today!

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