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The Rise of The Unconventional Work Space

Gone are the days of going to work, sitting at the same desk every day, staring at the same cubicle walls, and traipsing off to meetings in cramped, closed conference rooms. Study after study have shown a more dynamic work environment that makes employees feel at home and comfortable increases their job satisfaction and productivity. Flexible environments spur creativity, a sense of collaboration and cohesiveness across departments, and offer a versatility of design that’s more conducive to innovation in a competitive business world.

In office design circles, a lot of debate rages about the best use of space. Is an open office environment too distracting for those who need a bit of quiet time to focus or make phone calls? Is a large, café-like seating area inefficient, or does it qualify as the Third Place, where back-of-the-napkin inspiration occurs, but connectivity is more work-conducive?


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