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The Sound Barrier – How Office Noise is Hijacking Design

There’s only one thing everyone in an open office design can agree on: the noise is annoying. Distractions are the number one complaint by employees, followed closely by lack of privacy. And we all know that the use of headphones as a sound block is really the universal sign for, “Don’t bother me.”

With 80% of offices in the US following open design plans, how do companies battle these issues? One answer is with smartly designed furniture and décor. Acoustic panels on the ceilings—particularly in warehouse-to-office type locations where loft-style ceilings carry sound in unexpected ways—can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Movable walls are another versatile choice that brings more benefit than simple sound dampening.

Sound: The Pulse of Your Company

But what if you change your perspective on sound as a negative within the walls of your business? There is a very definite vibe that can be produced with the careful curation of sound in different settings, which can be used to your advantage.


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