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Two Heads Are Better Than One: Collaboration Tables For Productivity

Welcome to the contemporary office, where traditional conference rooms and large private offices are shrinking to make way for collaborative office furniture and touchdown spaces for small groups and departments. When your employees need to break away from their desk to meet and brainstorm, do you have the right setup to meet their needs?

Collaboration tables are the perfect fit for any modern office because collaboration tables come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. You don’t have to worry about fitting a huge table into a space meant for two people. To start the process of introducing collaboration tables into your current office layout, perform an internal audit to find out what your employees need.

Once you have determined how many collaboration spaces you will need (one for each department, one on each floor, or two smaller “conference” areas that pair well with your larger main conference room, etc.) you need to  assess the materials for your ideal collaboration furniture. Perhaps an acoustic seating arrangement will reduce noise for a space that’s next to a busy open office layout. Or maybe your team needs a rounded table so they can comfortable seat many around the work surface.

After determining the number of collaborative spaces as well as materials, now it’s time to implement collaboration tables into your office layout. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Why have a sea of monotonous cubicles when you can break up the flow with a couple of fun brainstorming and audio/video integrated collaborative seating areas? This will also encourage employees to get up and move around and refresh their energy levels as they move from one work space to another.

For more inspiration with collaboration tables, check out our Collaborative Furniture collection on StrongProject.

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