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Use This Type of Furniture to Future-Proof Your Office

Our latest article featured in Inc. Magazine by StrongProject CEO Jeff Pochepan

Today’s startup has the potential to grow at a never-before-seen velocity, but this often comes at the sacrifice of comfortable, productive spaces in the office. Growing your business means quickly having to address a variety of employees’ needs you may not have considered: more restrooms, a better break room, a bigger reception area, office perks, and a variety of office furniture to meet different physical abilities. As you grow, so do the options: standing desk or office desk? Acoustic pods? Multiple conference rooms? Who gets a private office and who doesn’t?

It’s time to think about modular office furniture, which is highly adaptive to the fast-growth workplace. Modular furniture allows you to take certain components, such as desks and filing systems, and combine them to form a variety of workstation layouts.

Here’s what you need to consider in order to find a modular furniture layout that’s right for your office.


Use this type of furniture to future-proof your office

Minimalist Workstation

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