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We Think The Future of Post-COVID Office Furniture Matters

post-COVID office furniture clear panel

It’s July 2020, and it’s still hard to fully imagine what a post-COVID world will look like. But it’s not difficult to anticipate what human beings will crave—especially when it comes to work and the workplace. With that in mind, it’s clear that planning for the future is crucial. The post-COVID office will exist and it will need post-COVID office furniture to meet the needs of those who return to your business.

It’s difficult to summarize what we’ve learned about ourselves since March of this year. It may seem strange that we think we could. But it’s remarkable what we, an office furniture company, know about human nature, what we understand about humancentric design, and how those things come together to inform us about what makes employees happy for 40 hours a week. 

Post-COVID Office Furniture

That’s why we’re taking post-COVID office furniture and office design extraordinarily seriously. Workers want to work. People want to see one another. We desire the company of others, we enjoy opportunities to brainstorm, we need to share stories, ideas, and moments of success.

It’s vital we feel part of something bigger than ourselves, but most importantly, employees need to feel cared for and heard. They want to feel safe from their fellow coworkers sneezing, coughing, or talking too closely. Bottom line—they don’t want to get sick or be responsible for getting someone else sick. 

Here’s where we offer our expertise in planning, designing, and problem-solving. 

post-COVID office furniture with dark acrylic screen

Employers don’t have to sacrifice space or rebuild their office to manage social distancing protocols. StrongProject’s curved social distancing workstations combine safety and modern design all while proving post-COVID office furniture doesn’t have to be boring or unsophisticated. With these stylish modules, you can maintain an appealing open office flow while creating autonomy for employees. 

post-COVID office furniture frosted screens

These modern workstations are ideal post-COVID office furniture solutions with custom quality features, including:

  • Ergonomic monitor arms and a Power/USB desktop charger
  • Several finish options to choose from
  • Color acrylic selections
  • Bleach-cleanable fabrics
  • Adjustable curved panel height

These beautiful and highly functional workstations are the post-COVID office furniture solutions that will have employees coming back to the office feeling good about the company and feeling confident about staying well. 

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