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Welcome Your Guests in Style

MDD_Arctic_07_zbliz_e-DONEWhen your guests, visitors, clients, and employees walk into your office—what do you want them to see? How do you want them to feel? What experience do you want them to have during their time with you? Your reception area is the first impression that your guests will have of your company, your personality, your values, and your mission. It’s important to create a warm, welcoming experience from the moment they step into your office. If your lobby area or reception space is boring, lackluster, or doesn’t clearly spell out who you are, share what you value, or give your visitors the open-armed welcome you really want to give them—your reception area might need a little help from modern office design.

If you’re looking to create a great lobby area in your office, here are some furniture options that are sure to create a wonderful lasting first impression.

Choose the perfect reception desk.

The reception desk is typically the focal point of your lobby. Your guests need to clearly see where their “home base” will be; this is the place where they can ask questions, check in with your team, and come back if they need assistance or guidance throughout the day.

Your reception desk should effortlessly communicate your values and set the tone and tenor for the rest of the workday. Whether you want to add a glass reception desk that changes color for special events, occasions, and seasons—or maybe you want to include a sturdy, dark wood statement desk in your lobby for a warm, cozy atmosphere: No matter what reception desk you choose or what style your office is—just make sure the reception desk fits your company’s personality and shows how much you care about every person that walks through the front door. Remember: First impressions are everything, so make sure your reception desk conveys what you really want your guests to see, feel, and experience from that first “hello.”

MDD_Linea_Recept09-DONEModern filing systems keep everything tidy and professional.

Your reception area is also the place where your guests may need to check in, fill out forms or applications, and even drop off secure or sensitive documents. No matter what unique needs your reception area must fill, StrongProject offers an incredible, versatile, and innovative collection of modern and contemporary filing systems and solutions.

Gone are the days of boring metal filing cabinets and drawers. Your reception area needs to be stylish, tidy, and without clutter. Paper, documents, and other clutter needs to be out of sight from your guests and visitors. Why not keep everything organized, secure, and stylish—while increasing your vertical real estate—with a modern filing wall? Seamlessly meld organization and inviting décor with storage cabinets that double as workspaces and reception desktops. Add a movable, multifunctional filing island so you can reconfigure and redesign your lobby whenever you want to create a fresh new environment or mood for your clients. Organization doesn’t have to be drab. Our contemporary storage options are the perfect solution for your space.

contemporary-office-furniture_18-DONEAdd occasional office tables to your lobby.

Smaller furniture pieces, such as side tables and end tables, fit perfectly in any welcome area and add great detail to your space. Give your guests a place to relax, unwind, and gather their thoughts before a meeting or interview. Let your visitors and clients create their own space for hosting impromptu meetings or taking phone calls. Occasional office tables are great in every corner of your lobby area. Let your guests mix and match these tables to create the perfect environment for every situation.

Remember that your reception area truly is “home base” for everyone in the office, no matter if they’re visiting for an hour, a day, weeks at a time, or they’re full time employees for life. Create a special place that your guests and team alike will love to spend time in. Invite your visitors with open arms, and remember to show them exactly who you are, what you do, and why you love your company from the moment they step into your lobby.

We’re ready to co-create your dream reception area with you! Click here to start your next modern office project with us today. 



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