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What Is Desk Hoteling and Why Do I Need It?

In this day and age, we are becoming more and more aware of the space we occupy. The effort to minimize the area we need is gaining attention. Less space means less waste.  This applies to all facets of life and the workplace is not any different. And in the hybrid world, some new vocabulary has entered the picture. Hoteling workstations, hoteling workspaces, desk hoteling. So what does hoteling mean and how can our commercial office furniture help?

What is Desk Hoteling?

modern cubicleAll employees need access to the right resources to complete their tasks. But this doesn’t mean that multiple people can’t use the same space or resource. Desk hoteling provides an opportunity to provide employees with the necessary tools to complete a job. However, when their job is complete this doesn’t mean the space is done being used.

Desk hoteling allows shared spaces to be used individually. A reservation to use a desk, conference room, or collaborative space is made and the employee is able to use the space for an allotted amount of time. This can be applied to different types of spaces. We’re seeing this become more common among companies to help reduce their footprint. Limiting the space needed saves money by reducing overhead and conserving energy. Employees are no longer sitting at their desks waiting for the end of the day. They reserve a workstation, come in, work, and leave. Desk hoteling creates a far more efficient office environment.

The Benefits of Desk Hoteling

hybrid desk with acoustic features in hoteling workplaceTraditional workspaces often assign a desk or office to employees to complete their work. With the evolution of the workplace, we are starting to see a shift in how things are done. As many companies have shifted toward a hybrid model there is less need for employees to be present 5 days a week. This results in less of a need for an assigned office or desk. And often, many desks go unused for days at a time.

Desk hoteling allows companies to make use of their offices much more efficiently. In scenarios where all of the employees are not present at one time, the workplace can be re-assigned. This means that hoteling workstations can be utilized in many different ways. A hoteling workstation is not just limited to a desk and a computer. A hoteling workstation can also be conference rooms, phone banks, or any collaborative workplace. Allowing these workstations to be reserved, and used when not occupied allows companies to utilize their offices to their full potential.

Why Desk Hoteling?

hybrid workers in shared spaceThere are multiple advantages to desk hoteling. Employers are able to get more use out of office space by allowing multiple employees to use the same space. A hoteling workspace acts as a resource for employees rather than a designated personal space. Hoteling workspaces exist to supplement an employee’s regular workspace usually in a remote location.

Desk hoteling allows companies to make use of their office space much more efficiently.

Although desk hoteling greatly benefits employers, employees also benefit as well. Reserving a desk, conference room, or a collaborative space puts a time limit on how long the space will be occupied. Limiting time in the office to when work will be conducted helps create a sense of urgency in completing the task at hand.

Not having a designated office workspace typically means the employee works within a hybrid or remote workplace model. If employees are able to perform their job duties off-site then the need to be face to face can easily be limited to an as-needed basis. This is what leads to freed up space and more readily available resources.

When Is Desk Hoteling The Answer?

cubicles for desk hotelingWhen it comes to an office that requires its employees to be present at all times, a desk hoteling or hoteling workspaces may not be the best answer. Implementing the hoteling model within a company is best suited for offices that do not require 100% full attendance from their employees. Employees benefit more from hoteling workstations when they need to come into the office as needed. If work can be completed off-site then the need for a designated office or desk isn’t necessary for the day-to-day. Employees benefit from hoteling workstations most when they need to attend meetings, collaborate or use in-office resources.

If work can be completed off-site then the need for a designated office or desk isn’t necessary for the day-to-day.

Hoteling workstations are the perfect option for hybrid and remote models. Regardless of the amount of time an employee spends in the office, it is beneficial to have a place to conduct meetings or perform work duties in person. When hybrid workstations are in high demand and there are no workstations readily available, desk hoteling is key. Employees have peace of mind knowing that when they walk into the office they have a workstation available to them specifically. This removes uncertainty about whether or not there will be a workstation available when the employee arrives. If an employee needs a workstation or access to specific resources at a certain time, desk hoteling is the answer.

Hoteling Software

workspacesSome companies may be small enough to manage office resources easily but what about companies with hundreds of employees? This is where the hoteling business model shares similarities with a hotel. Imagine trying to reserve a hotel room without having the proper software or the tools necessary to do so. It would be a nightmare and nearly impossible. The software and booking systems allow for a streamlined process that avoids confusion and double bookings. That is what is achieved through hoteling software.

Hoteling software lets employees see which spaces are being used and in some cases by who. This is helpful if an employee needs to interact with a key person to complete a project. Hoteling software is often necessary when office space is in high demand. High demand can be caused by limited space, heavy workloads, and the need for face-to-face interaction. Hoteling software helps navigate these issues.

Management and team leaders also have the ability to reserve spaces for teams or groups to use. If a team is in need of a collaborative space or a conference room they can easily be instructed when to be somewhere and for how long. This makes the software a great tool to use when coordinating meetings and directing groups of all sizes.

How Does Software Help?

woman in hoteling workspaceAlong with helping manage people, hoteling software can help management gather information on how often employees are using office resources. This is important for many reasons. The data can be used to assess performance and determine the need for office space. By using the data, management is able to assess whether or not the time spent in the office is adequate for the tasks at hand. Management is also able to address the need for office space. If the space is rarely being used but work is being completed, companies may be able to explore downsizing.

The need for hoteling software depends on the demand for office space. If the amount and type of work does not lead to a high demand for office space then hoteling software might not be the answer.  The decision to use hoteling software should ultimately be determined by the company’s model. If a company is 100% in person then of course hoteling software would not be necessary. However, if your company is transitioning toward a hybrid work model then the need for this specialized software may be more useful than you might think.

The Perfect Hoteling Workspace

modern cubiclesHoteling workstations create an environment that is very different from a traditional office setting. A hoteling model would not typically include a desk for every employee. There is not a blanket answer for all offices. If an office setting requires a lot of collaboration or meetings, then a company may benefit from more areas that teams or groups can work from. If the employees typically work on more individual projects, then they may benefit from personal workstations. It really depends on the tasks at hand.

Thriving companies tailor the office environment to the needs of their employees.

If a company is transitioning to the hoteling model, they already have an idea of employee needs. On the other hand, if a company is establishing hoteling workstations they might have more difficulty. The good thing about hoteling workstations is that there is little commitment. As long as the physical space is available, a company is always able to add more workspace.

Thriving companies tailor the office environment to the needs of their employees. Phone banks and telemarketing centers provide personal space to conduct numerous phone calls. Marketing firms provide employees with areas that foster creativity and encourage collaboration. When designing the perfect hoteling workstation, the idea is no different. The main thing that sets hoteling workstations apart is the ability to use and reuse the space. It is important to design the workstations to the employees’ needs. Even if it is not their space to call their own.

Explore the Possibilities

The possibilities are endless and the design is up to you. Hoteling workstations provide the space you need to operate efficiently while meeting your employees’ needs. Your hoteling workspace may just be a single conference room or it could be one desk for every other employee. There is no single answer and no right way to do things. Stop wasting space and money in your office. Assess your needs, and the needs of your employees, and find out how you can maximize your office space. If desk hoteling is right for your office, explore your options today!

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