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What’s Hot — Adjustable Height Meeting Tables

adjustable height meeting tables

For a company with a versatile workforce, the ability to solve problems and create new and innovative ideas is crucial. To do this, employees need the technology and environment where they can thrive. This helps them be their best, most creative selves, and get the job done. That means not only providing them with the software platforms and devices to meet and exceed customer needs but also the furniture with which to do it. Adjustable height meeting tables are the answer to many problems. Unexpected brainstorming sessions, impromptu meetings, and design collaborations help employees do the job and do it right.

Employee Well-Being

Studies are showing adjustable height workspaces are good for employee well-being. Workers report experiencing greater productivity, a decrease in back pain, and better sleep at the end of their workday. Benefits also include greater blood flow, reduced fatigue, and burning more calories than sitting stationary.

adjustable height meeting tables

>> Find the right adjustable height desk for your bustling office.

The strategic placement of adjustable standing-height meeting tables throughout your company promotes greater opportunities for impromptu discussions to turn into more than just a passing idea. Having a place to really stop and continue the conversation, write down great ideas, and check schedules for future meetings gives your employees infrastructure that meets their needs. They can concentrate on the work at hand rather than searching for a good place to sit down and talk.

adjustable height meeting tables

>> Adaptability breathes creativity in any workspace.

But what if they want to sit? That’s where the adjustable height comes in. For employees who need a lower surface or have been standing for a while already, knowing they can still use these meeting tables and pull up a chair makes them a desirable addition to any office and doesn’t limit how they’re used. Adaptability gives your employees furniture that works for them, rather than forcing them to work to make the tables fit.

adjustable height meeting tables

>> It’s time to “stand up” at your stand up meetings.

With many pleasing styles with a plethora of options for size and color, adjustable height meeting tables can fit seamlessly into any office environment. For projects big or small, meetings short or long, a morning briefing with the team, or a late-night design session, adjustable height meeting tables are a fantastic and affordable way to help your company showcase the best of what it can offer, to both your employees as well as your clients.

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