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What’s Hot: Minimizing Wires With Smart Office Furniture

Use integrated tech in your office design

Gone are the days of untangling multiple wires or zip-tying cords together to make your office space appear more streamlined. With storage capability and connected technology, the modern office can now enjoy a design that is clean and easy to keep clutter-free among its various furniture pieces. From the executive C suite to reception to the board room, here are some quick inspirational ideas to help you redesign your commercial office space with minimal wires and hassle.

The Conference Room

First up: the conference room. This is, hands down, the easiest upgrade you can make to your board room or conference room, and it’s worth every penny. Trade in your old conference table for one with “invisible” wiring, USB ports, power outlets in the tabletop, and even integrated Wi-Fi intercom systems. Your team won’t have to fight over the one free plug in the corner.

The Executive Office

Next: the executive office. No stakeholder wants to walk into the CEO’s office and see a mess. With integrated tech capabilities for office desks and storage, you can hide wires and embrace Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. Consider investing in pieces such as desks, printers, speakers, adjustable height desks and tables, and lighting solutions that are wireless.

Reception and Lounges

Finally: let’s consider reception and other high traffic areas. You can reduce liabilities by removing wires and cords where possible. With remote controlled blinds and dimmers, IoT-connected thermostats, wireless speakers and lamps, you can control the room’s ambiance at a touch of a button. Provide integrated power solutions in table surfaces such as USB ports, docks and charging stations for tech.

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