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Will Cubicles Ever Be Cool Again?

Not every business operates best in an open office environment. Some industry regulations require a certain level of privacy, and some offices simply need the separation for their employees to perform at optimum levels. Today, we’re seeing a rising trend of dynamic office spaces: moveable walls, tables and couches on wheels, changeable surfaces, integrated tech that welcomes multiple devices. The advantage to a dynamic space is that it can keep things fresh. The downside? Your employees begin to long for some sense of stability and a place to call their own. Enter: the cubicle. In summer of 2017, we saw a return to private work spaces and “individual work zones” at NeoCon, which made us ask: can cubicles be cool again?

Cubicles aren’t required to be stuffy or boxy to be effective. Cubicle design can be both fun and functional, and fit in your design without sacrificing comfort in a modern office.


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