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Working on Communication Through Better Office Design

Communication is universally considered one of the most important attributes of a successful business, both between colleagues and with customers. Good communication improves efficiency, helps spark innovation, enhances the customer experience, and is the root foundation of a positive company culture. But not every office design is conducive to facilitating effective dialogue with your workforce. So how can office design help improve your workplace communication? Let’s take a look.

Talk the talk

Begin by–you guessed it–communicating with your employees to find out what their blind, or in this case, mute spots are. Is there a problem with choppy floor plans that both visually and audibly cut off conversation between essential departments and collaborators? What about faulty networks? Maybe the noise level in a particular room is too high. Your employees are the ones who work in this space day in and day out, so they know where the weaknesses in communication lie. Get their perspective on problem areas beforeputting a plan for a redesign into motion. It’s better to ask up front than miss the mark and either neglect something major or fix what isn’t broken.


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