Office Privacy Pod

Sound Privacy Furniture for Open Floor Plan Offices and Noisy Spaces

This Office Privacy Pod allows for an escape from the noisy office and can be placed in nooks, alcoves or corridors within your Modern Workspace.

Every building has those spaces that people are drawn to for escape. Some are intentional through architecture, while others are more natural based on flow and activity or the lack of it. Outfitted to feel like it was built into your space, this Office Privacy Pod solves the need to take back our own attention or give full attention to others. Similar to individuals, small groups need to escape as well as align and set pace. Seek shelter from the norm, meet our newest Acoustic Furniture design. It’s offered in single, double or ganged units and with or without the veneer or laminate surround shroud.

  • Our project consultants can assist you in creating a layout configuration to fit your space.
  • We specialize in outfitting entire commercial office spaces with modern business furniture. At your disposal is our expert team of project consultants to help make your furniture planning and purchasing experience easy and within your budget.
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